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Unless there has been a posting on the club email list about destinations for the upcoming weekend, we are currently sorting out leaders and destinations at the start, each Sunday. We still end up with the same number of groups going out, from Steady to Fast, so there should be a ride for all abilities in the club.

Anyone who's able to commit to leading a ride is encouraged to email the Yahoo! ReadingCC distribution list in advance, or contact the Club Runs secretary directly (details on Committee page).

Otherwise, just turn up at the Queen Victoria statue on any Sunday, and there will definitely be a ride to go on.

For the Thursday social rides, these are almost always advertised in advance on the RCC email list.

Club run Sunday 16 November

Dear RCC

Club run Sunday, Market Place 9am

Destination Either Popham Airfield or Escape cafe Newington Nr Stadhampton

Distance c 65-60 miles (depending on destination)

Ave speed c17 mph

Ranjit S Bahra

FW: [readingcc]Change of plans Club run Sunday 26 October

Well, would you have ever guessed? There is a slight change of plans for tomorrow's ride. The weather looks good, I'll be taking a fast bike out, legs are itching after last week's sportive, the pace might just end up being brisk after all. Sorry Arthur, better to be prepared in advance.

FW: Club run Sunday 26 October

Dear RCC

I shall lead an intermediate club run this Sunday. The weather looks dry so I will stretch it out a little to head back with a tail wind. The speed will be less, if you are looking for a typically brisk speed group then you'll have to look elsewhere.

Brisk club run Sunday 28th September

Dear RCC
Sunday 28th September brisk ride leaves at 9am Market Place.
Destination Wendover World's End GC Cafe
Distance c75 miles

Ranjit S Bahra


Club run Sunday 7th September

Dear RCC
Brisk ride leaving at 9 am Market Place
Destination Andover-Blue Onion Cafe

Ranjit S Bahra