King of the Hills and Hill Climb Championship

The King of the Hills series was introduced in the year 2000 and is dedicated to the memory of Mike O'Rourke, who held several positions on the committee and was a founder member of Reading CC.

Image of Dani Fortunov by Roy Booth

King of the Hills victor for 2005, as last year, is Stephen Bale, with consitent performances in each climb of the series. However, Dani Fortunov claimed victory in the Open Hill Climb promoted by Stewart House on Sunday 2nd October, which features the prize for the Reading CC Hill Climb Championship.

Here's Dani in action on Streatley with a winning 2 minutes 46.7 seconds. Steve Bale clocked 3 minutes 1.2 seconds.

Reading CC's Brian Bingham won the prize for first Veteran with 3 minutes 14.9 seconds.

The overall event went to Rob English with a course record of 2 minutes 21.6 seconds.

The Hill Climb Championship event has been run for many years and has occasionally been run over two hills on the same day. In recent years it has been held in conjunction with the Timetrial.co.uk RT Open event. The highest placed RCC rider in this event wins the RCC Hill Climb Championship.

2005 Results

For each event, 20 points are awarded to the winner; 19 to second, 18 to third and so on. At the end of the season, the rider with the most points wins. Simple! And all you have to do is ride up a hill as fast as you can. No turns, no junctions, no worries.