Annual Lunch and Prize Presentation - 24 Nov 2002

Guest of honour Ralph Dadswell presented prizes to Reading CC's achievers. Master of Ceremonies, Roy Booth, provided topical and astute observations and introductions.

Greg Woodford - Cyclo-cross champion.
Jon Mulholland - Club 10-mile time trial champion.
Mark Pettitt - Road Racer of the Year
Matt Plested - Ride of the Year
Neil Cooper
Neil Cooper - all the junior track prizes...
Dave Ivory - Road Race Champion
Alex Richecoeur - he just doesn't listen about tyres. Au revoir, Alex!
Alex practices his "grumpy French bloke" look.
Special stripey jersey award for ex-General Secretary and new-father Mark Pardoe
"But I didn't do anything!" claims Nicola Dadswell. You put up with Ralph, we say.