Reading Cycling Club - Google Maps of Time Trial Courses
by David Ridge

Ever been baffled by course code numbers? Don’t know your H10/1 from your HCC234? Then fear not! The following links will enlighten you as to the courses that we use for club events. Simply click on a link and it will bring up a Google map of each course showing start, finish and mile-markers. You can zoom in and pan to your heart’s content!

Couse Code Google Map Reference
Waltham HCC234
Twyford HCC132
Heckfield HCC216b
Bucklebury HCC201b
Swallowfield H10/5
Aldermaston ‘10’ H10/1
Aldermaston ‘25’ H25/1
    For clarity, the route shows the first 15 miles only; you pass the start and repeat the first 10 miles to complete the full distance)