Mini-BAR Competition

This is not a prize for who can drink the most assorted cocktails. Instead, this prize goes to the fastest rider over shorter distance time trials. To qualify for this competition you need to have ridden one 50 mile, two 25 mile and three 10 mile time trials.

The Time Trial Secretary calculates your average speed from these events. To qualify - and in order to save the Time Trial Secretary ringing round everyone, you should submit your event details using the appropriate form before 31st October. Download a form from here.

2000 was the first year of the competition dreamt up by Chris Minto and Phil Roberts. David Harrison won the prize with an average speed of 27.133 mph. Think you can do better?

Year Winner Average (mph)
2002 Mark Pardoe 26.507
2001 Peter Graham 26.32
2000 David Harrison 27.133