Best All Rounder Time Trial Competition

The Best All Rounder competition is a throwback to the hey-day of british time trialling. To qualify, senior male riders need to complete three 25 mile, two 50 mile and one 100 mile time trials. The rider with the fastest average speed at the end of the season is the winner. For ladies the conditions are two 25 mile events and one 50 mile time trial. Typically the 50 mile and 100 mile time trials take place in June, July and August.

David Harrison was 2000 and 2001's Best All Rounder. In 2000 he won with an average speed of 25.737 mph. This was acheived with the following rides:
55:30, 55:48, and 56:04 for 25 miles
1:50:54 and 1:57:22 for 50 miles
4:09:50 for 100 miles.

Visit the BAR History page for more information.

Helen Walkington won the ladies BAR in 2000 with an average speed of 22.70 mph.

Rides in RCC club time trials count towards the prize, but Private Trials (where you ride another club's non-open time trial) are not counted.

There is also a British Best All Rounder competition, recognised by Cycling Time Trials (RTTC). To qualify for this, riders need to complete one 50 mile, one 100 mile and one 12 hour time trial. In 2000, three RCC riders qualified. Details are available on the Cycling Time Trials website. Cycling Time Trials also recognise riders who have completed two of the above events and a separate table is maintained for those who qualify.

For more information contact the Time Trial Secretary.