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Time Trials

Time Trialling is a popular form of cycle racing in the UK and is often included in professional stage races. It is known by the popular term “the race of truth” as it is simply each rider against the clock, usually aiming for a Personal Best. It is the easiest way to get into cycle racing and, as riders go off usually at one minute intervals, is not intimidating for newcomers.
What kind of events are there ?
Most events are 10, 25 or 50 miles but there are 100 mile and 12 or 24 hour events! Most club evening events are 10-15 miles and are often on “sporting” or hillier courses. RCC runs un-marshalled evening events throughout the summer season (see club calendar), and organises some “Open” events which are marshalled and have official entry forms (see Open TTs below).
Who can enter ?
Anyone can enter a club evening event as a “Come And Try It”, and if a rider gets the time-trial “bug” he or she should join RCC or another CTT affiliated club to be eligible for every event. RCC particularly encourage junior and lady riders to take part. Entry costs £3.
I want to ride an evening event, what do I need to do ?
If you are new to time-trialling and want to ride an evening event the prep list below should help:
Check the club calendar for an event you want to ride.
Study the course map beforehand, or drive, or ride it, to ensure you know the route.
You can ride any bike within reason as long as it is roadworthy!
Turn up in plenty of time on the evening to sign on and prepare – sign-on is usually in a pre-arranged layby or car park – check beforehand!
Don’t worry about not having the latest kit or clothing, or that other riders are wearing it, everyone is welcome!
Course Maps can be found here: Please see the calendar in the menu links for event details.
What are the club competitions>
The Dave Finch Hilly Series (season-long, points gained in your best five counting events)
10 and 25 Mile Club Handicap Competition (Aimed at the most consistent and improving rider)
10 mile championship, Men/Women/Veterans
25 mile championship, Men/Women/Veterans
10 Mile “Road Bike” championship (non-aerodynamic bike and kit, ie no tribars, no aero helmets)
Club Hill Climb Competition
At the end of the season all club members wishing to claim trophies or awards must submit an application using the the form attached below, and send it to the Time Trial Secretary before 1st November.
Also attached below is a list of all the Time Trial Trophies and Awards.
For more information about time trials, e-mail the Time Trial Secretary - link on the committee page.
RCC Open Events
The club also promotes several Open Time Trials throughout the racing season. These are fully organised events with a race HQ and full marshalling. For Open events organised by any club, you need to complete a Cycling Time Trials entry form and submit it to the organiser with the entry fee (usually less than £10) normally 10 to 13 days prior to the event. You can find listed events and download a form from the CTT website:

TT award claim form182.5 KB
CTT Club Event Sign on Form.pdf44.18 KB
CTT Parental Consent Form.pdf82.32 KB
TT Results Sheet.pdf235.74 KB
TT Sample Sign on and Results Sheet.pdf1.1 MB