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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 29 August 2010

By rod - Posted on 31 August 2010

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 29 August 2010

Peter Graham, Barry Quick and Dave Gaida are in the news.

Newbury Road Race

Reading's Peter Graham was in the thick of the action in the Newbury
Road Race on Sunday, taking a fine 8th place. The race was 58 miles in
length on a hilly circuit around Wickham Heath, Welford and Great
Graham reports on a busy morning: "The race was animated from the start.
I managed to get in the first break of the day which started with two of
us but soon grew to a total of five. We were all giving it full gas and
it looked successful as I glanced rearwards and couldn`t see any sign of
the bunch. However a few strong guys had missed it and surprisingly the
bunch brought it back together. There were then more attacks and I tried
to be in all of them but then realised we hadn`t reached the main
obstacle of the course which was the climb of Hungerford Hill. I was
conscious of not using up too much energy. We reached Hungerford Hill in
one bunch and initially the climbing was sedate but half way up someone
opened the gas and it was a case of just grinding your teeth and trying
to ignore the pain in your legs. Once over the summit we didn't ease up
as people accelerated over the top to try and make the group smaller.
This proved to be the tactic of the day and at every climb of Hungerford
Hill the group got smaller eventually leaving ten of us with 25 miles to
go. We never settled into a coherent group and we kept attacking each
other. I was running out of energy but forced myself to cover each move.
No-one succeeded in getting away even with a ballistic last lap climb of
Hungerford Hill; so we reached the kilometre to go sign and the sprint
started. I was nicely placed in 5th position but on the last little rise
to the finish I was passed by three riders and came in at 8th. It was a
very hard race and my 8th place although it could have been better was
in itself an achievement I was happy with. The winner was Paul Caton
riding for Anders TMG Horizon."

Time Trials

Barry Quick rode the Westerley CC 10 mile TT held on the Marlow bypass
course. "Not a terribly fast course but it has the advantage of being
local!" commented Quick, "It was not a morning for PB's with a cold and
fresh gusty North wind making it very difficult to get a rhythm going on
the return leg from the turn but at least it was bright and it did not
rain. I recorded 24m 42s and the event was won by Peter Weir of
Maidenhead & Dist CC in 21m 22s, a very fine time given the conditions."

Rod MacFadyen and Dave Gaida rode the Westerley CC event on the Marlow
25-mile course. A rising Northerly wind made for subdued times although
the winner Adam Topham recorded an impressive 51:57. MacFadyen said: "I
found that the wind hindered more than helped and that made it a tough
morning for me." MacFadyen recorded 1.02:45 and Gaida recorded 1.16:00.

Dave Gaida

Dave Gaida is a long-time member of Reading CC who has contributed
unswervingly to the life of the club for many years. Latterly he has
been timing the club's Tuesday evening summer time-trials but is now
stepping back from that task. Gaida has been involved in competition for
his entire adult life and here recalls some fine moments: "I started
riding in 1950 with the Bognor Regis club doing grass track racing. I
then joined the Maidenhead club in 1952 and rode BLRC road races with
enough top three places to get to first category (it was much easier to
do in those days). I also rode NCU circuit events at places like
Finsbury Park, Lee on Solent, RMA Sandhurst and so. I rode my first time
trials in 1952. I joined the Bon Amis in 1955 and I think my best rides
were winning a 25-mile club event in 1-3-44 on a "medium gear" and in
1971 I did 1-00-06 in a West London 25-mile event in thick fog, just 6
minutes behind the then 25 mile national champion Derek Cottington. 25
miles remains my favourite distance and I have completed 837 so far! I
was also at the meeting in 1974 when the two Reading clubs agreed to
form our present club and have been a winning team member several times
for the Reading CC."

Photo caption: Dave Gaida captured in full flight in a 1952 WLCA time

Sunday clubrun
All groups leave from Reading Market Place on Sunday mornings. This
Sunday the medium group has an 8am departure with other groups at 9am.
Marlborough is the destination.

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club