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Medium Clubrun - Aug 15 2010

By twarwick - Posted on 15 August 2010

Medium Clubrun - Aug 15 2010

The effect of summer holidays was obvious today as turnout for the supposed 8am start was apparently two, who decided to come back at 9am, when we had 12 people at the Queen Vic. We split neatly into a fast group with Steve Ferry, and a medium group with me. It was good to see Robin Jenkins out again after his crash and major hip surgery back in the winter.

I'd decided that I wanted to revisit the newish outdoor cafe at Burnham Beeches that we went to last Autumn, and that's exactly where we went. The route out was through Wargrave, Crazies Hill, Bisham, Marlow. Then up the quiet and steep lane to Flackwell Heath, along and down the tricky 1:5 descent to Woburn Green, and up the 1:7 hill on the other side to take us towards our destination. Getting closer, we had our second puncture (of which more later), Eamonn suffering the first in Marlow.

After sitting down for tea&cake, or bacon roll, at the cafe, and being assaulted by various out of control dogs, we heard a loud bang from over where the bikes were parked. We found that that second puncture was actually caused by a huge rip in the sidewall that we'd missed originally, from which the tube had emerged and spontaneously exploded again as we refuelled ourselves.

So after more repairs, we headed out and back home via Taplow, Bray, and the Walthams, finally with some sort of tailwind.

Not sure exactly how far as my computer battery had died, but probably about 80km round trip.