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Introduction To Cyclocross  


Cyclo-cross is simply a cross-country form of cycle racing and is mostly a winter sport, although summer CX is now also popular. Most courses will include run-ups or artificial obstacles, so dismounting and running with the bike are also important elements of the sport. As the courses are short it makes an ideal event to bring the family...


Where to race:
Each area has a league which organises a full series, starting from September through to February. Reading comes under the Wessex League and also Central League. All local events can be entered through the British Cycling web site and cost around £15-£20. 


If you want to be a better bike racer and take your riding to a new level, then Cyclo-cross is for you. To get better at the technical side of CX, watch some of the best racers, read books, watch videos or better still enter some races! Check out this video for some good pointers CX SKILLS

For a sample weekly training session click here [opens a PDF]. It also includes tips and tricks.